hosted by Dala Cape Town

First Days of Social Distancing

ZA / 16 – 03 – 2020/ #covid-19

This last Sunday was a blast of food, family, drinks, dance, new encounters and a beautiful golden sunset. In retrospect, last Sunday shouldn’t have happened. We took a great chance going through with VILLA BRAAI. Had we known what we know now we might have postponed our inaugural barbecue till the end.

The COVID 19 Presidential Address started playing just as the mercury in the Penthouse hit boiled over. A euphoric pleasure had filled the room. So though we heard to the governor, we didn’t listen the governor. I need not digress. These are pretty serious times and as freedom friends, we have a responsibility that is bigger that the taste of life. We need to play our part in evolving society; a role that will require us to practice good judgment, exercise good will and lead us not into temptation as the triviality of the boogie-down will always come knocking? We need to discover who we are NOW in this time of strife so we can act accordingly. These are evolutionary times in the world. Strength in numbers can mean strength in isolation so long as we learn to do the same dance.

Either way, the same rules apply in isolation. Dala what you must!

Penthouse People

With fires blazing over Lion’s Head we rolled out the dark carpet, as per the rules of engagement in xhosa culture, We observed all protocols in accordance to the law of the land. First to the mother of Afrika, Azania. Amangwane. All praises where made to the universe for giving us this land to nurture and preserve for generations to come. We are grateful to our ancestors who have carried us through our journey to where we are now. Camagu. We followed this ritual and offered our guests 2 honorary welcome drinks; a Sugarbird Gin & Tonic laced with fresh rosemary, and a Jager Mule -Jagermiester, Stoney ginger beer lime with a slice of cucumber. Our wine enthusiastic guests leaped at the Beyerskloof Chenin Blanc Pinot Noir which paired easily with the Braai Brooidjie and other braai delicacies. Chef H Dala’d.

Villa Braai with Chef H

A few months ago, The House of H, one of Cape Town top culinary institutions came to an unexpected close. H’s place had become a dreamscape for many Capetonians and patriots. Not only did it have the most gangster grills (as per Eat Out Magazine and various other reputable international media) it had a wine selection so exclusive the chef would escort you an enthusiast personally into the back to peruse his private collection. It had this secret society thing about. The House of H was the first cashless waiter-free experience in the City.

Made up of three floors; a basement where street artists and event organisers got to ‘dala’; a shebeen-styled restaurant floor with an adjacent barbershop and tattoo parlour; and a rooftop bar that served homemade gins and some top single malts.

Instead of lulling about after the fact, H wanted to do what he does best; make kick ass food and bring kick-ass people together to ‘dala’. So he put a team together and we called it DALA CAPE TOWN – Afro-fused culinary concierge experiences.

An Inner City Food Adventure and Sunset dinner at the Villa.

A Street-Art Exhibition Adventure through the old back alleys Cape Town and sunset dinner at the Penthouse

Tour De Street Afrique

Our city has so many radical things to do when we are not in absolute isolation. So, if we ever get out of our homes again. Take us up on a street art tour or come hang out at one of our inclusive villas for an authentic Cape Town culinary experience of a lifetime.

See you on the other side.

For quotes and queries; please contact Sivu Nobo / Poppiest Koen

Freedom Friends is a Dark Marketing & Events Company Based in Cape Town.

Scared of the Dark and Dark City are our voices.

There is ingenuity and intent in the dark voice.

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