The Bunker Workout Roster

5 Internet (no weight) Trainers to get you shredded in Lockdown

If the world really does go belly up and you’re forced to live in underground bunker while doctors and scientists try to find a cure for COVID-19; and assuming we still have access to the internet; then these are 5 ballistic missiles that you should have in your arsenal. 5 trainers that have kept me company over the last 21 days.

1. Yoga with Adrienne

Adriene is the only yoga instructor I know who references Wu-Tang in mid pigeon pose. Yoga with Adriene, her Free Youtube channel was recognised by Google as the most searched workout of 2015, recognised by The Wall Street Journal and was awarded a Streamy in Health and Wellness in 2016. There is something about Adriene casual nature that makes her workout easy to roll with. Even her Dog, Benji who often strolls onto frame is now a part of the brand.

Adriene Mishler

2. Bully Juice! Bully Juice! Bully Juice

Bully Juice

If you say “Bully Juice” enough, Bully Juice will likely jump out of your Apple screen into your living room and bootcamp your ass while he drinks your beetroot juice over you. BJ, probably doesn’t like by that name… Bully Juice is as fierce looking a motherfxxxer as that gangly tattooed inmate they tell you to stay away from in the penitentiary. Since training isn’t for sissies, a beastly chap like B is the perfect master to show you things about your body you didn’t think were you could do.

3. PE with Joe

Joe Wicks : The Body Coach

Joe is the guy next door. Charming, annoyingly British, but a helluva good trainer. I discovered him at the end of my second week of lockdown. Excellent timing too. I had got to that stage in a workout out where I wanted to go to the next level, but was struggling to make the workout fun and to keep myself motivated. Joe had the remedy to both. His HIIT workouts push you to the brink if you choose to go there with him and he’s got that borderline fatherly humour that clean and ironic. His dumbbell workout is the one. You can tell that he is hurting with you, not like some trainers who just watch you burn. You’ll thank me later.

4. Rickey Jasper II

Rickey Jasper II

Any man with Roman numerals at the end of his name is one you should take notes from. Rickey has that thing that all brothers wish they had. That “Hlaudi” factor. He’s the black Leonidas. The only thing Rickey is missing is a cape and x-ray vision, which is why he was the perfect guy to learn the Man Maker Mayhem Workout from. I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. It’s more than a workout, it’s a new lease on life. With the right set of dumbbells it will challenge everything you know about yourself. And who knows, enough of these and you could be signing body deals like Leonidas here.

5. Ripping Abs with Fraser Wilson

Fraser Wlson

I know a lot of you are sitting on your couches playing FIFA 2020 or Tomb Raider telling yourselves that you’ve reached the point of no return. Well I am not here to convert you if you really believe that, but every time I workout with Fraser Wilson I feel that much closer to abs that not only look as great, but to engineering a core that functions at shredded capacity. I have 21 more days of lockdown to keep that dream alive. What’s the worst that could happen? Aren’t summer bodies suppose to be made in times like these?!

We are sending love to all our Freedom Friends: Stay Fresh and Stay Home over the lockdown. Let us help one another by social distancing and stop the spread of the virus to our friends, brothers and sisters. This is a time to reflect and repurpose. We may not get off on the same footing when we return into civilisation but let’s at least get off a little stronger and a little more conscious than before. We are going to need to do better for the planet and better for our own well-being. I hope you enjoyed this informative workout experience. There are lots of different at-home workouts, HIITS, tabatas and mindful practises that we’d like to share with you. Try them out and tell us which your favourites are and which ones took you to your limit.

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