Its day 22 of lockdown in South Africa and my countrymen are banding together to give back to their communities and to ensure that we all get through this difficult time standing tall together.

The members of the Vesperdene Runners; a social running club in Cape Town that fights for social injustice and inclusion is taking the lead and putting their running shoes to good use over the lockdown. The runners, of whom some had been training for the Two Ocean’s Ultra Marathon and others The Comrade’s Marathon decided to put their valuable training to the test and do something for those less priviliged.


A few weeks ago, we predicted on our site that creatives and artists would be the most essential people in this fight against COVID-19. They have probably been the one most effected by the economic part of this set back, but they will be the ones who drive the next industrial revolution. They will inspire, they will initiate, they will keep us from losing our minds. World wide we’ve seen creatives discover, innovate and breach various methods to engage and motivate society. Solutions are coming…

THANKS go out to Siphelele Khubekha and Food Forward South Africa for driving this powerful initiative. Drop a shout out and make a pledge on Instagram. DM @sphe.khubeka @foodfowardsa and add a heartfelt smile in someone else’s life.

Published by Sivu Nobo

Marketing, content and events professional trying to navigate this new world.

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