Free thoughts

It’s crazy how quickly things can change. I realise that now more than anything. We are all in a fragile state of panic. All of us dealing with this pandemic in our own little way, but with fear-struck panic nonetheless. I feel the anger and pain that we all feel and for now, from a more privileged place than most, I also realise the danger of my utterances. Words are a powerful source of both creation and destruction. We will not survive on hopes and dreams alone. Not this time. We are going to need to dig deeper if we hope to rise over pandemics such as COVID19 and our infinite differences. We are going to need to stay fed, focused and keep our minds on a higher purpose. This virus, in whatever form is attack on humanity. The tenderness from this catastrophe is still fresh and people are going to fight and retort from a place of fear and frustration. What we should desire most, right now, is the strength to find our humanity before it is too late. The potent head of capitalist culture is also going to fight for its throne. Just like in the fantasy drama, American Gods, the gods whose feet we once bestowed gifts and sacrifices will want blood once again and the price of not paying homage will not just be swept under the carpet. This virus, this pandemic is as much an attack on our ‘old gods’ as it is on our planet and if we continue to make self-serving decision we will be victims of our own demise. Unless… and I state this with a big capital “IF”; unless we start thinking differently about human life. 2019, was an interesting and difficult time for many of us – through failures or difficult challenges, maybe even by the roll of a dice – What we saw as disproportionate outcomes did get us to reflect on ourselves and our current state. Many of us resolved these hard times through the power self love. We sort it out. We prayed for it. We manifested it. I believe we sort it out so that we could once again learn to appreciate the beauty of loving each other by learning to how to give love to ourselves. It would seem that most of the lessons we learned where wasted on some of us. Self-love became an early self-isolation that has in fact taught some of us to only care for ourselves. That is it may we will learn that every action has an opposite reaction. If we won’t stand together, we will die apart.

Published by Sivu Nobo

Marketing, content and events professional trying to navigate this new world.

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