Free Thought

“In dark times some will close their eyes to the atrocities of what we’ve done. Yes. We. Mankind. We are responsible for not only the good that the samaritan does, but for all the sins of the earth. In dark times there are those that keep their eyes open and in the pitch of nothingness shapes form and energy manifests. Is this as a result of our eyes adjusting to the dark or is this a glimmer of hope coming alive – a silver lining, perhaps.”

Has it sunk in yet? This new reality of ours.

Have you emerged from the first 50 days panic-stricken or clear with a zest to move past this glitch in the matrix? Has the reality kicked in? The World. This world will never be the same again.

It’s been a very difficult time for a lot of people in my industry. We are after all an industry that lives and dies by the sword. Turns out none of us had rainy day funds or managed our compound interest very well. But as the good old saying goes, THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

The World is Yours.

So here’s to an era of new hustles and to evolving old hustles.

Reflecting on the last few weeks in this new struggle has been darkly fantastic. How quickly we’ve adapted. Let’s be honest, one of our biggest flaws as the human race is that we despise change. We are always claiming to want it, but what we want vs. what we can swallow is vastly different. The thing about new worlds is that the blueprint only has a ground floor with a couple of amenities which means there’s plenty of opportunity to build up or build under if you want to. Until there’s a law that governs new territories it’s open gates to those that want it.

Since we are inspired by being lead, we put together a few noteworthy freedom friends that are simply leading at leading under this lockdown.

1. Like a scene straight out of Star Trek Anygoes Goes mastermind Shaun Duvet launched his new AG Virtual Music Showcase last week by beaming DJ Fresh into his studio. Very well played by Mr. Duve. Shaun set out introducing us to his brainchild and then suddenly a virtual life size hologram of DJ Fresh appeared next to him. Anyone whose seen Fresh knows that’s a big deal. Though the tech isn’t new – it’s the timing and bravado of taking this baby to market that will see this local team take us on a myriad of journeys to places not yet imagined.

2. Slikour is a genius. If you’ve slept on Slikour till now you’ve slept on an entire culture of SA hip hop. Slikour must have jimmied the game controller and scored a thousand lives, because this guy has more tricks up his sleeve than Oprah at a media convention. I guess when you are the calibre of creative that Slikour is; you’ve engineered, reverse engineered and redesigned the playbook so many times no one keeps count. We just pick up our jaws and move on. Slikour on Life isn’t a website or an TV show or a Party or an event. With the addition of their new online radio platform; its a win for SA Hip Hop, a win for black media entrepreneurs and an entire lifestyle. Seriously catch this dude… or not.

Meet: Nyane . Nyane is a beautiful brand to behold. Though there are hundreds if not thousands of ladies accessory brands and products out there, none are as bold, well-put together and yet delicate as that of this fairy queen goddess, with the big leather boots. Her photoshoots are a dreamscape of reinvention that every girl brave enough to be different can identity with. It would seem that Nyane is in the business for wigs and hair pieces, but I would argue that she’s in the business is modern femininity.

4. We are inspired and lead guys. Our freedom friend Mac is no celeb, but has a heart of gold. Mac almost became an ordinary citizen, but at some point in his life he decided against it. Standing at almost 2 metres, Mac is no small feat. He’s a bulky lad whose workout routine no doubt has everything to do with it. To be optimally frank, Mac’s Hulk Man Workout is like something out of a superhero comic and more than likely sure to put your favourite cover model to shame. Besides his garish physique ask anyone at his running club and they’ll tell you that Mac is a scholar and a gentleman. He runs a half marathon in under 2 hours, lifts bricks like Brock Lesner in his workout. It’s no wonder he has the time for gym since his an entrepreneur, a truck driver, a rugby player, a Vesperdene marathon runner, a father and one of our biggest inspiration this lockdown.

Big Mac

Up next is Africa’s hip hop final form, a freedom friend and one of the best MCs alive; G.O.A.T Stogie T – I.D. name: Tumi MoleKane has singlehandedly resurrected SA hip hop over Lockdown. It’s clear that Stogie hasn’t take the title of OG lightly either. For a while there’s been a thirst in the South Africa Music Industry for hip hop to revel in the popularity it once did in the late nineties. It seemed to regain some momentum towards the end of the last decade, but only a few wizards of the art kept our attention. It was looking like we might have to wait for the messiah to return before we can celebrate a plethora of dope beats and new bars again. Until now. Tumi drops Freestyle Friday. #FREESTYLEFRIDAY literally resurrects legends and gives local and international super-heads a platform to reach out to their icon and share their story by dropping some bras (translated to: rapping to the music). It’s like having direct access to the presidential phone and if he likes your vibe, He shows you to the world. Thanks Stogie T.

Oh Hail the King

Happy days Freedom Friends. We will inspire to provide you with as much inspiration and ideas to keep you from losing your minds over this Lockdown as we can. Stay Safe, wear a mask, keep your hands clean and don’t forget to hustle.

Published by Sivu Nobo

Marketing, content and events professional trying to navigate this new world.

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