“So, what’s your favourite thing to cook?” I ask my mentee. “Scrambled eggs!” he replies, “I can’t really cook anything else”. “So, what do you like to eat?” I ask. “Spaghetti, sausage, tomatoes, corn…” “That’s a lot!” I interrupt. A few days later, we visit the the Biscuit Mill and go through all the variousContinue reading “MENTOR TALES Pt. 2”

The Bunker Workout Roster

5 Internet (no weight) Trainers to get you shredded in Lockdown If the world really does go belly up and you’re forced to live in underground bunker while doctors and scientists try to find a cure for COVID-19; and assuming we still have access to the internet; then these are 5 ballistic missiles that youContinue reading “The Bunker Workout Roster”


hosted by Dala Cape Town First Days of Social Distancing ZA / 16 – 03 – 2020/ #covid-19 This last Sunday was a blast of food, family, drinks, dance, new encounters and a beautiful golden sunset. In retrospect, last Sunday shouldn’t have happened. We took a great chance going through with VILLA BRAAI. Had weContinue reading “VILLA BRAAI with Chef H”