Free Thought

“In dark times some will close their eyes to the atrocities of what we’ve done. Yes. We. Mankind. We are responsible for not only the good that the samaritan does, but for all the sins of the earth. In dark times there are those that keep their eyes open and in the pitch of nothingnessContinue reading “Free Thought”

Free thoughts

It’s crazy how quickly things can change. I realise that now more than anything. We are all in a fragile state of panic. All of us dealing with this pandemic in our own little way, but with fear-struck panic nonetheless. I feel the anger and pain that we all feel and for now, from aContinue reading “Free thoughts”


Its day 22 of lockdown in South Africa and my countrymen are banding together to give back to their communities and to ensure that we all get through this difficult time standing tall together. The members of the Vesperdene Runners; a social running club in Cape Town that fights for social injustice and inclusion isContinue reading “THE BALCONY HALF MARATHON”

The Bunker Workout Roster

5 Internet (no weight) Trainers to get you shredded in Lockdown If the world really does go belly up and you’re forced to live in underground bunker while doctors and scientists try to find a cure for COVID-19; and assuming we still have access to the internet; then these are 5 ballistic missiles that youContinue reading “The Bunker Workout Roster”

26 hours from Wuhan

This is diabolical. I mean, sure, all the signs were there; biblical, scientific, geographic, historic and even fictitious – writers, filmmakers, theologists and philosophers have all seized the day. At some point a would-be great artist foretold the story of a deadly virus that would sweep through the planet, make its way into the economicContinue reading “26 hours from Wuhan”